La Vida Essentials sustainable living tip

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sustainable living tip from La Vida Essentials 


 Many products contain chemicals that are unhealthy for the environment and for our body.  Parabens, PPD’s and many other ingredients can cause allergies, rashes, and cancer. Some do not break down in our environment. It is impossible to figure it out! With La Vida Essentials less is more. You can tell what is in it. There is nothing to preserve and protect it, so use it up and keep it from extreme temperatures or sun exposure and you will maximize your benefits. La Vida is committed to the highest quality ingredients and the lowest impact to the environment with small batch locally made items and the most basic essential oils.

 Not all natural products on the market are high quality and some are expensive. It is not always easy or convenient to figure out what or how to make your own products, but these are easy ones!


Some do not like the smell but it is worth it. When it dries you do not smell it and it is a non toxic environmentally friendly, low cost way to go! You can create your totally green and non-toxic cleaning supply arsenal with just a couple of items. You can clean virtually anything in your house with these ingredients. Add 5-25 drops of a citrus or immunity essential oil and increase the clean and fresh!

 Why This Works

The acetic acid in vinegar kills viruses, germs, bacteria and mold. It also dissolves tough mineral deposits and stains like those found in sinks, toilets and tubs. along with essential oils this can be anti fungal, anti bacterial and more but are natural and break down in the environment and body. 

 Use 2 spray bottles, one with 100% distilled vinegar and 25 drops of immunity or Citrus.

One with 50% water to 50%vinegar and 25 drops of immunity or Citrus.

I use the diluted version the most. Cleaners don't have to be pricey or chemical-laden to be effective. Create your own all-purpose cleaner by filling a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and distilled water. Then, shake up the mixture, and you're ready for your next cleaning spree. The uses are many. Here are a few.

  •  Disinfect the microwave-Fill a small bowl with equal parts hot water. Place it in the microwave and set the power to high for 5 minutes. The steam built up inside makes it easier to clean 
  •  Rinse cycle in washing machine gets rid of odors and is a natural fabric softener.
  •  Dish soap and vinegar with a couple of drops of Citrus or immunity essential oil in a spray bottle for toilet bowls and shower/tub freshening. removes soap scum from shower doors too! It also dissolves tough mineral deposits and stains like those found in sinks, toilets and tubs.
  •  Loose lime scale from shower heads by putting in a bag for a couple hours with vinegar and immunity. 
  •  Jacuzzi jets- fill with water and add a cup or two of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil, run and rinse.
  •  Clean your kitchen appliances with vinegar and water to not spoil your edible environment. 
  •  Eco hack a wet mop with vinegar.
  • Freshens sink drains and garbage disposals with one cup. rinse in an hour.
  • Cleans carpet odor and stains. 
  • Window cleaner with 50% water and 50% vinegar and 25 drops of immunity or citrus essential oil in an 8 oz spray bottle. If windows have grime make a solution with dish soap. rinse well then use spray. old build up of chemicals sometimes make streaks. I found after using the natural stuff for a while that this was not a problem. interesting…
  • One cup of vinegar to a gallon of water works great on no wax floors.
  • Misty spots on glassware? Place a cup of white vinegar on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, run for five minutes, then run though the full cycle. A cup of white vinegar run through the entire cycle once a month will also reduce soap scum on the inner workings.Add some lemon slices in silverware bin to keep film down. 
  • Repel ants Use a spray bottle or mister filled with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water around door jambs, window sills, water pipes, and foundation cracks. Kills weeds too! Stay away from plants that you want alive…
  • If you are not sure, do a test spot before use! Have a happy and sustainable clean time! 



Monday, September 28, 2015

I have recently had many clients interested in boar bristle hair brushes.  The good ones are expensive and are a benefit if you have the right type of hair. Boar bristle hair brushes are best for long hair that is not washed but once or twice a week. You have seen the old movies where they brush the hair 100 times to keep it healthy and get to rapunzel like lengths? They are also fantastic to blow out unrully frizzy or bulky hair to a shiny smooth finish. 

This type of brush redistributes the oils from the scalp and moves it through to the ends where the oils help keep the hair healthy. They also pick up the dirt dust and debris that collects in the hair.  When using this type of brush to clean your hair, it is important to remove tangles first.  Then start at the scalp and work to the ends. This results in smoother, healthier hair that is soft and manageable. Increasing the blood flow to the scalp has been linked to stimulating hair growth and creating thicker, longer hair as well.  It is important to clean these brushes properly. Simply run it under water and occasionally soak in shampoo and rinse.

Most women wash every day or every other day now. This makes the hair dry and a boar hair brush will only damage the hair. There is nothing to clean and no oils to distribute so this brush will tear it up and waste money! I recommend a ceramic round brush for smoothing or curling and cushion brush for regular use.

The cushion brush is designed to be gentle on hair and scalp. It is great for daily use as it only has one bristle to each hole as opposed to two like the vent brushes do, which can pull the hair. This is a great every day brush for anyone. The cushion has give so it does not tear up fine or thinning hair. Paddle cushion brushes are bigger for thicker and longer hair. Once the paint on the ends come off it is time to replace these. They tip the ends to give extra protection from hair breakage.

Round brushes used with hair dryers, round brushes are designed to add curl, curve and volume to straight hair, as well as to straighten wavy or curly hair. Get the right size for your hair type and the look that you want to achieve. If you have trouble using a round brush, Hot Tools makes a hot air brush. This blow dryer/ round brush combo makes it easier to do by the hot air coming out of the round brush.

Clean your brushes regularly. Scrubbing bubbles is a quick and effective way to clean and sanitize your brush with no damage. The foam lifts debris and hair product build up as well as bacteria and germs. Sounds funny, I know, but this really works great. If you do not get product build up on the brush, shampoo and rinse will work just fine.

Remember, replace your brush when you see that the bristles are bent,  missing ends, or padding is loose. Usually once a year is good unless you are hard on them.

Studio 106 carries all types of high quality brushes to keep your hair at its best. Want pro quality? I can order Kent and Y.S. Park. The highest of standerds and quality. 

Face Shape

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is there a perfect hairstyle? It is fun to try the newest or trendiest style, but what really looks the best on you. The best style should bring out your most attractive features while camouflaging the ones you don’t want to bring out. It seems that every magazine emphasizes the seven basic face shapes. Unfortunately, there are very few people who fit these face shapes. Most of us are combinations or variations of these face shapes A new concept has emerged that works better at determining how best to wear your hair to frame your face. I Looking for line length and width in your facial features and curves or straight lines in face are a better indicator of how best to wear your hair around it. Find your strongest feature and play it up. For instance, if you have a long face wearing bangs can give the illusion of more width and less length. If you have a soft curvy chin line adding stronger lines in hair will camouflage and add strength. Conversely if you have a strong jaw line, you can add a round soft shape to the hair. If you would like to know what suits your face shape best, ask for my professional advice the next time you are in.

To Bang or not to Bang

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

First of all let’s call it Fringe! After all, what is a BANG! Some of us look amazing with this bit of fringe in the front, others not so much.  How do you know who you are? Let’s take a look.

As the runways, red carpets and tabloids are showing off some beautiful fringe, it is luring us to want this look. Bangs are a classic look and have been around throughout history. Keeping it current will give you a fresh and modern look.

This season it is a heavy fringe that taps the lashes. This is a high maintenance look that needs to be trimmed once a week to keep the length right.

There are many other choices from side swept to Betty Page fringe. Just how do you choose the right ones to try?

A long face is usually the best with fringe. The face is shortened and an illusion of width can be appealing. A longer fringe with either a blunt or broken edge will work.  A shorter face must be more careful and side sweep or texture out for a wispy feel.  I would recommend a consultation and a look at your face shape, lifestyle and willingness to maintain a fringe to decide.

Phenix Salon Studio 106 Brea

Saturday, May 31, 2014

It is with great pleasure that I have moved to Phenix Salon Suites! With 27 studios in one community we are able to give our clients all our attention. No more chemical smells too! The staff is an amazing group of artists. Massage, facials, nails and more!