Trend Update

Monday, November 12, 2012

The last few months have been a time to update and re educate! A  two day hands on class in Santa Monica Academy, a hairshow in London, and classes in the salon have brought the knowledge to keep everyone updated and stylish.

The big change this next season will be short! Check out Anne Hathaway and Ginnifer Goodwin's cute cropped coifs! Geometric and structured shapes are also finding their way in! Curls and fuller hair are still following us from last season. Find out what shape and style works best with you and update to stay looking young!

There is a link on my home page to my Pintrest site. This is a great resource to find styles you might like. Have fun and enjoy!

Mini Keratin Conditioning Blow Out

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have a new treatment that smoothes the cuticle down on the hair and calms frizz. This treatment will last from 2-4 weeks and cost is $40.00  If you take home the leave in Keratin Treatment($36) it can extend the results. Your hair will dry faster and be less difficult to manage. Come in and calm your fluffy, frizzy hair into smooth, sleek and shiny hair. see you soon!

A Better Hair Year

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This economy is helping us to realize that we need to budget better and use our resources properly. I am going to focus on how to help everyone achieve these goals.

January is a great time to clean out the products and brushes that are either old or gone bad. You know what I mean, the gel that has fallen and oozed out, then left to congeal in one hard mass with some rubber bands at the bottom of your drawer! Or how about that brush with 3 sad bristles left?

It is important to have what you need and get rid of the rest. Minimizing makes it easier and more time efficient. Figure out what your style needs are to be efficient and effective for your hair first. If you are not sure, please consult with me and I will do an evaluation to see how this would best work for you. Then throw away stuff that has gone bad and give away what you will not use to those who might need them. This is why I guarantee all my products. If you have one that does not work for you, bring it back for an exchange for one that will be better or a refund.

Fashion Update!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

While the girls are going more classic in style and there are no big fashion divas to emulate, the boys are picking up the slack. Stars like Zac Efan are inspiring them to care about their hair in a way that has not  been exhibited since the 1980’s.

Women are taking to a bit more fullness in their styling and a strong bang is back.  What looks best on you as an individual is what will work best for your style.  Imagine all the possibilities and lets create a personal image.

How Do You Shampoo?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Interestingly enough, many people do not understand how to shampoo their hair. Just take a handful of shampoo, blop it on the top of your head and attempt to spread it around is typical. Unfortunately this not only wastes shampoo but it also does not cleanse effectively. The best method is to take a dime size amount of professional shampoo (more is needed for market products) and massage it in your hands first. Spread shampoo through scalp area. Massage through scalp. Ends of hair do not typically get oily, so rinse thoroughly and ends will be refreshed. Conditioner is important to the health of your scalp and hair. When applying conditioner consider your needs. If you are oily, use a miniscule amount and apply to ends only. If you are dry massage all the way through. If your hair is long and dry or tangles on the ends, work conditioner from the ends up applying more where it is needed. Remember that professional products are more concentrate. Less product is needed to get great results. Most products in the market are of low quality and do not protect hair color as well as professional products do. Their money goes into flashy commercials and packaging and what is inside is secondary. Most are diluted and in the long run you do not save money because you have to use more to work properly. I have worked hard to find products that suit my clients needs. The highest quality to protect color and keep hair at its optimal health is what I provide. In order to stay competitive so that you do not need to go to the beauty supply, I discount most of my products from 10 –20%. I have discovered that some go to the supply house and while their price may be good, they don't always give my client what is best for their hair type.